Data Visualisation

This graph represents the relationship between number of total messages, authors of the messages and countries mentioned in the messages. Thus, researchers can see who was writing, when and about what, and how did that reflect on the timeline.  
Thanks to the Plotly package it is interactive: you can zoom, select countries and persons, hide lines by clicking on their name in the legend, etc. Please, check the buttons at the top right corner to find more possible options.  The X-axis is in the YEAR/WEEK format. Y-axis shows the number of messages.

The series of the next graphs represent an important part of the RFE/FEC collection - RFE Daily Reports. The data is accumulated monthly for the sake of changes visibility. Orange line represents all the messages in the collection, while the blue one demonstrates how it would look like without the RFE Daily Reports, which start around 1969, also existing in some differents forms before. Overall, there is about 1000 daily messages covering the international political situation, but focusing mainly on Eastern Europe. You can see the list of the reports on the Raw Data page on our Github page. The same logic applies to the mentions of the countries(see examples below). X-axis is displaying years, Y-axis is the number of messages.